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R-Phylo launches on the Ides of March

Posted in Open Source, Phylogenetics, Phyloinformatics with tags , , , , on March 18, 2008 by drycafe

R-Phylo LogoOn March 14, 2008, the website and the Special Interest Group (SIG) mailing list R-sig-phylo launched. Or, more precisely, their existence was announced on several channels (EvolDirEcolog) hopefully reaching as many as possible of the community that we have created the site for: developers and users of phylogenetic and comparative methods in R. R is the open-source clone of S/S-plus, and a powerful statistics platform and programming language at the same time. As Samantha Price, a postdoc at NESCent and one of the driving forces behind the site, writes in the announcement:

The wiki currently contains information on analyses and packages available in R and provides step-by-step tutorials for those just getting started.  We strongly encourage new users, experienced users and developers to both use and modify this resource to create a thriving comparative methods in R community.       

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