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Incubating synthesis: NESCent goes IRC, and you can join

Posted in collaboration, Phyloinformatics, Synthesis with tags , , on May 1, 2008 by drycafe

As I noted earlier, one of the things we did differently this year for our Summer of Code participation is to maintain a presence on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) almost from the get-go. This not only proved useful for some of the students, but also inspired Brian O’Meara, one of our mentors who also happens to be a postdoc at NESCent, to propose a NESCent IRC channel as a means for our resident scientists (primarily postdocs) to stay in communication even when it’s not lunch break or teatime.

So here we are in #nescent on Freenode, and this week is declared as trial week to help everyone overcome the activation barrier and evaluate the utility for themselves. I’ve been very impressed by the willingness of almost everyone to follow along and give it a try. The first three days have seen some lively conversations, and even though some were on the light-hearted side (I guess I’m at fault here), some weren’t.

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